Refund Policy

  1. Refund due to cancellation of the order:

It is quite possible that due to various reasons the customer can decide to cancel the order after placing it. We will allow the cancellation subject to the following conditions

  1. There is a clear 24hours gap between the time of cancellation and the delivery time requested by the customer
  2. The request from the customer must be received during the normal working hours in IST ie between 7AM to 7PM

In this case we will cancel the order and refund the amount.

  1. Refund due to dissatisfaction of product quality / service.

We take all measure to ensure that we deliver the best of products and offer you the best of services, Some time things can go wrong due to reasons beyond our control, In the event of any complaint from the customer regarding quality of the products or services we will make a enquiry in to the complaint and if found validated the order amount will be refunded.

For any complaints / feedback please feel free to write to us at
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